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"bro your stepping on my tail"
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King Roken of Planet Kibuu (Bio in description) by DeityDeviantWarrior
King Roken of Planet Kibuu (Bio in description)

Name: Roken Akiza

Age: 115 years old
Born: Age 733 (the current year is 848)

Race: Deity Saiyan

Home: Planet Kibuu

Height: 6,1(the same height as tien)/ Weight: 200 lb

Personality: He is a wise, goodhearted saiyan that is not afraid to give his life for his people and family. He is also a major Germaphobe.

Sexuality: Heterosexual/ Relationship Status: Widower.   

Alignment: Good

Occupation: King of Planet Kibuu

Deity Saiyan, Guardian of the Kibuunian Saiyan race

Family: (Father)Zakire, (Mother)Juniper,(Uncle)Kodac, (Brother)Gioto, (Wife)Amai, (Son)Kibu, (Daughter)Miku.

(Current Deity Relatives): Delion and Yukana

Delion belongs to :iconnoxillustris:

Combat Power: by the end of the series Roken is 3x more powerful than SSJ4 Gogeta using 50% of FDSSJ.
At 100% which he will not reach anytime soon storywise, he would be nearly 6x more powerful than SSJ4 Gogeta

Transformations: SSJ, SSJ2, Kai SSJ3, FPSSJ3, Deity SSJ, Ascended Deity SSJ, Final Deity SSJ and Final Deity SSJ 100%

Bio: A young Roken and his family look through the cosmos for a new home after the destruction of Planet Vegeta.

They find Mars in Northern Galaxy. Through much intergalactic association they create bonds with other planets and grow prosperous.

Throughout the years of Roken’s life he faces many threats to Kibuu like Lord Minus Degris, Asura the genetically modified Namekian, The Eight Fallen Deities and Jaakuna the Saiyan Lord of Negativity.

Through these fights he grows stronger step by step uncovering the depths of his granted god-like power and learning the origins of his ancient race

Quotes:  “Hey my names Roken Akiza, welcome to my Planet Kibuu!” directed to people who visit Kibuu for the first time.

“Hey watch your greasy mitts I had that table sanitized a few minutes ago!!!” directed to those who touch his belongs with dirty hands.

“I will show you the power that Veto has given me!” he says before transforming into Ascended Deity SSJ.

Zeat vs Fiku by DeityDeviantWarrior
Zeat vs Fiku
Fina belongs to :iconeric-arts-inc:
Miku belongs to me

Zero belongs to :iconvorticalfivestudios:
Matt belongs to :iconlilrwar:
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Like so ya.....Emmies male again lol
I know this is like the second reboot but I just miss my bara lima bean and aint no fandom female preference gonna stop me from lovin him >:T

Now I like Femerald too so that doesn't mean yall never gonna see Female Emmy again.
She'll be an Au Version of Emmy for a team I'm currently developing with my friends
called the "Crystal Battalion"

It consists of Azuremalachite who belongs to
Trope by NoxIllustris belonging to (i couldn't work the link lol)

and Gem Profile: Moonstone [REFORMED] belongs to


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Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art
United States
like to draw thats all

King Roken Fan Button by Gonga01

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so my friend are you enjoying my comic so far?
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its pretty good in terms of story and art style so far!
I'm interested to see why Zokuens Shikai didn't activate
Doragon Fuso sounds neat lol

and I'm curious as to why he has to kill Ichigo lol
Did he kill Goku before this?
victoryslayer49 Featured By Owner Aug 5, 2016
go back to ch.6 pg.9-11
DeityDeviantWarrior Featured By Owner Aug 5, 2016  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
ahh I see
Pretty interesting so far lol
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victoryslayer49 Featured By Owner Aug 5, 2016
thanks for the fave
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Thank you so much for the fave!
DeityDeviantWarrior Featured By Owner Aug 5, 2016  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
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Glad you liked Jin! New epic potara fusion coming soon, and its never before seen hehe
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